Managing Modern Technology in 2015

Many devices in the workforce can improve productivity, but do you know how to manage them to make your work life even better?
Since the arrival of iPhones and smartphones, iPads and tablets they seem to have a very important impact on our life’s, they allow us to work anywhere, seamlessly multitasking at the touch of a button or screen, the latest gadgets allow us to meet with potential and existing clients. Everything is much quicker and faster, and having the correct technology if used right can get you ahead of your competition, keeping you in the know-how at a faster rate. However, having such technology at our finger tips can have quite the opposite effect, if not used correctly can distract you from your work and be a tool for procrastination.

Answering personal text messages, tweeting ( especially personal tweets), chain email, sending jokes and pictures…Hey I’ve been there, done that too…How often are we distracted from really focusing on our daily tasks at work? Try this, count how many times you are disturbed or distracted at work in terms of hours, then multiple the time by your hourly fee. That’s how much money your actually losing by having all these distractions. You know the saying that time is money….How much is your valuable time really worth?

How do you learn to reduce distractions at work and increase your productivity and effectiveness, as well as reduce stress levels in the office.

The key question to really ask yourself is, does having my gadgets make me work better at my job, or hinder me in my job.

Whilst having email is very useful, it also is one of the biggest forms of distractions that we have in the office today. We can sit all day at the desk and entertain all the emails that we receive. How do you keep up to date whilst reducing the distraction. Well, how about scheduling specific times during the working day to answer and deal with all emails. For example, first thing upon arrival to the office, an hour before lunch or even an hour after lunch, even before you leave the office for the day. Or you can allocate specific time, like say around 11am and block the time out in your diary so those whom have access can see that your unavailable during this time. How about checking your emails during low times of productivity? There are certain times of the day that we tend to work best, during the morning, and other times later in the day. Schedule email times during your less productive periods and save your peak times for doing more inventive work. Turn off your email alerts or ask your PA or virtual assistant to mange all of your emails.

Yes, this can be very useful but again can sometimes interrupt your work flow and productivity. Like emails, set specific times during the working day to handle or answer your instant messages, like on Skype, you can set your status to DND (Do Not Disturb). If your clients or customers do need to get in touch with you, redirect your calls to your assistant during your busy times.

Hearing the phone ring whilst your in “the zone” at work, is the most annoying sound you’ll hear during the work day. We get the instinct to answer it, which puts us in stress mode because we’ve now been distracted once again…arrrr….how many times during the day does this happen to you. Unlike some IM’s you can easily forward or redirect all your calls to either voice-mail with a very detailed message, informing customers or clients what time you’ll be available at, or you can have all your calls directed to your assistant. Again, pencil in your diary your ” creative” time as busy or DND.

Browsing the internet can take up vast amounts of time from your day. Researching the web is easy for us to get distracted. Read the news before the start of day either at breakfast or on your commute to work. Turn off your internet browser to avoid checking personal email or social media. As mentioned before you can check the internet at specific times, like during your lunch break or at the end of the day.

If all fails and your still being distracted from using technology, why don’t you delegate or seek help from your assistant. They are more than capable in helping you, after all having an assistant is about them aiding your ability to be more productive or creative at work. I’ll talk more about how you can delegate certain tasks to your assistant in another blog post. Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance with the above suggestions. Let’s all help each other to have a very prosperous 2015.


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