A day in the life of me…a Virtual Assistant

“What is that you do”? “I’m a VA, a virtual assistant”……I had a very interesting conversation with a very elegantly dressed woman in the lift a while back at a networking event, we got chit chatting and exchanged pleasantries, she then asked me what is it that I do, I explained, but I could see the confused expression on her face when I told her I was a VA. Once we escaped from the lift, I continued with my day to day running’s of my day and what i actually do. She was very impressed and surprised that the VA industry even existed. She went on to become a client of mine.

I do get a lot of questions from individuals asking, what is a VA and what do you do? So Here is a little sneak peak into the day of a VA so that you can get the full picture.

What is a VA? A VA is a virtual assistant also know as a virtual office assistant or virtual PA. A VA is a self employed individual who provides professional administrative services from her/ he’s own office. Most VA’s operate their businesses from their home office or in a rented space. Services can vary and this depends on the VA and the choice of services that they choose to offer. Most VA’s work is carried out online, some VA’s do carry out some work from their clients place of business.

My typical day Morning

My day starts at 8:30am with breakfast and a nice cup of herbal tea, then it’s off to my office to check my emails and start my day.

9:30am – After checking and answering all emails, I check my diary for scheduled calls with my team, we do this twice a week or more if necessary, this helps us to keep up to date with any outstanding work and any issues that might need to be resolved.

10:00am – I meet with my team via Skype for a quick 20 minute catch up. We discuss the agenda for the day or week and iron out any issues.

10:20am – After our team meeting, I check my work list for the day and respond to my clients queries and work requirements as needed

11:00am – Usually around this time, I’m drafting emails, booking extensive business travel, organizing business visas, my team will be handling all the social media and creative design work for our clients. Not much time for a tea break right now, but it’s nearly lunchtime….hooray!


12:30pm – Lunch time….Working from my home office allows me to have a much healthy balanced work life, I can make fresh meals for lunch instead of buying sandwiches and spending a lot of money, it allows me to make my favorites at home. I do try to take a full hour for lunch, it’s important for your well being to eat right and I encourage my clients to do the same.


1:30pm – With lunch over, I do my electronic filling and making sure all work is saved in Dropbox or iCloud drive for my clients to access at their convenience. During the day a mountainous amount of emails arrive that needs organizing, anything that needs to be forwarded to another department is forwarded.

3:00pm – I schedule most of my client calls in the afternoon if I can. It’s a little more quieter and it works well for my overseas clients also. Most calls are 30 minutes for existing clients, but up to an hour for new clients. I also run free 15 mins “help me” sessions with my clients, this is for them to ask me any questions or to help them with any quick IT issues that they might have.

4:00pm – My finances are all done online using Freshbooks, so I make sure that all expenses, receipts are filed and completed, ready for when I send my finance report to my accountant.

4:20pm – I make sure my agenda for the week is updated and my To-Do List for the next day is updated and precise. I check all voice-mails to make sure I have not missed returning any calls and make sure all the administrative and other items on my day’s list have been tended to.

4:45pm – Any travel itineraries, tickets, hotel reservations are emailed to my clients and any other details needed for their business trip. Currencies are ordered for postal delivery if necessary. Sometimes if an urgent matter arises I will stay late to handle this but usually I’m logged of by 5:00pm.

It’s important for me not to have any disturbances during the day whilst I’m working from home, I’m not tempted to do the washing or pack the dish washer, all this gets done after 5pm….aww!! I do hope this helps to clear up any misconceptions about what we do, each VA is different but generally work in the same sort of way. Have a good working week…see you soon.



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