Tips on how to delegate……effectively.

There’s an art to most things in life, and my tips for you today, is the art of delegation. You can use these tips in general, at home, place of worship, community group, school etc….you get the idea.

What makes delegation hard for someone to do?
Most people do not like to bother or be a hindrance to someone else, so asking someone to do something for them can be quite daunting. I used to get stuck in asking for help until I learned how to ask for help from a previous work colleague, who said to me, you need to first find someone you can rely on to get the tasks done in the time you need. Then, you just ask, let them know that you are struggling with some work, ask them if they have the time to help you and let them know when you need the work for, this is very vital. However, I have found that delegation is not appropriate for every task, so you need to be very clear on the following few things:

🔹 Is the task specifically your responsibility?
🔹 If not, then can someone else do it?
🔹 Does anyone else have prior knowledge of how to do the task?
🔹 What’s in it for me, will doing this tasks help me with my personal
development, or could it benefit someone else’s personal development?

When delegating, state clearly what the end result should be, set boundaries and make sure you give a deadline with a few days to spare in case any other issues or changes may happen. Do make sure that you are available to answer any questions that may arise. Please please do not try to hold onto work either, having control issues will not help you. You must learn to let go and trust that the person you have asked if capable of carrying out the task.

Let people work it out their way, I hate when people say well they don’t do it like me, if they don’t do it the way you do, then you’re better off doing it yourself…not everyone will do things the way you do them, anyway, they might even do it better than you. Try to achieve a balance, offer your support and monitor them to make sure their on track.

Staying in control is crucial at the end of the of the day the buck stops with you. Discuss timelines and appropriate realistic deadlines, agree to meet up for a progress report and check all work done so far and make sure that all work is kept to a very high standard, accepting mediocre work is defiantly unacceptable, this will show badly on you. Learn to be patient with them, remember even though you might be a pro in handling the task, the person who is handling the task is still learning and might therefore be slower than you to begin with. Delegate correctly and they will soon be a pro like you.

I do hope this helps you to delegate your tasks with confidence. Please I would love to hear your comments on this subject and another tips that you might have. I would love to hear from you…..

Speak to you soon 🙂



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