What Five Years of Working in a Digital Workplace Has Taught Us

Lisa Duncan | Alternative Workstyle Enthusiast

When my co-founder, Anna Marie Etcheverria, and I set out to “create a better way to work from home” back in 2009, we could not have predicted the terrifying and exhilarating journey on which we were about to embark.  As with any start-up, there were highs and lows, right decisions and wrong decisions.

One thing we did right was figure out how to effectively work in a digital workplace, a move we made when we created our own virtual office, Flipside Workspace™.   According to Gartner Research, “A digital workplace enables new and more effective ways of working, improves employee engagement and agility, and exploits consumer-oriented styles and technologies.”  Check, check, and check.

After five years of “going to the office”, we have a pretty good understanding of what works and why for businesses in digital workplaces.  Here’s our top five:

  1. Human-to-Human Relationships Matter…a lot 

Regardless of how many…

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