Dominica Film Challenge gets underway

Repeating Islands


The Dominica Film Challenge, a Discover Dominica organized event is underway, with six teams of the most talented videographers from around the world, traversing the island, reports. The six teams arrived on island on Saturday and attended a brief welcome ceremony at the Anchorage Hotel. On Sunday, the teams attended orientation and then were treated to a Whale-watching excursion.

The Discover Dominica Authority is encouraging Dominicans to follow the weeklong exploits and adventures of the teams this week, as they seek to capture and share unique photos of the islands breathtaking sites, sounds, and people.

The Film Challenge participants will be posting on social media throughout the week, using the hashtag #DominicaChallenge on popular social media websites Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Posts have already started coming in.

About the Dominica Film Challenge.

Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) conducted a worldwide search to find six teams of adventurous filmmakers to participate…

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