Off Roading: The Life of a Nomadic Family in Costa Rica

Repeating Islands


As a follow-up to our previous post on the article “Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?” I offer this travel piece by Andrea Fellman (online entrepreneur and blogger at Wanderlust Living: She moved with her husband and two children to Guanacaste, Costa Rica (although this town faces the Pacific Ocean and not the Caribbean, I thought the context/content was ‘close enough’ to include on this blog). Here’s a new term: rather than calling themselves expats, this couple prefers the terms “digital nomad” or “location-independent.” The article provides interesting details about what it’s like to live in Costa Rica, schooling, beach-life, animals, food in Costa Rica, and being a digital nomad-entrepreneur in Costa Rica, all of which shed some light on the differences between expats—oops, I mean “location-independent people”—and immigrants. In any case, it is a fun read for those…

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