St. Patrick’s Day on a Caribbean Island 

Repeating Islands


Graham Clifford, from Montserrat, shares his thoughts on the history and island celebrations of St. Patrick’s Day.

Danny Sweeney reaches for a cold bottle of beer and sighs.  “What happened here was not nice” he explains. “Slaves from Africa and the poorest of the poor from Ireland were forced to work. No regard was given for their lives, their masters didn’t care if they lived or died.”

In his modest wooden bar in the Montserratian village of Salem he asks that the Irish Government support a move by Caribbean nations for compensation to be given from those countries behind the slave-trade.

[. . .] The British Governor to Montserrat, Adrian Davis, told the Irish Independent he doesn’t think the Montserratian Government will support the move to seek apologies and reparations from European former colonial nations including Britain. It’s little wonder. Without financial assistance from Westminster the British territory would struggle…

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