Five Mindsets That Hinder Black Women From Relationship Success

StraightForward Talk with Ingram & Atiya

black-woman-attitude with redThe majority of my blogs and articles are universal. However, in this particular post, I want to specifically address a mindset in the “Black Community” that is destroying the chances and opportunity for some Black Women to experience the real power and joy of Black on Black Love.

The biggest enemy to the relationship dynamic in the Black community is the lack of respect and honor of one another as Black men and Black women. No matter how messed up either may be, to say either is damaged beyond repair is further perpetuation of a conditioning process which stems back to the plantation literally and figuratively. Whether you believe slavery actually existed or not is irrelevant here. What we are discussing is a mindset which stems back generations that has not quite been uprooted. While it is true that Blacks cannot continue to blame others for the condition…

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